Poem Of The Week: “Beloved Lamb”

I am a tremendous fan of poetry, and over the years I have taken to writing my own poems. So, in addition to my weekly posts, I'll post a new poem I have written every week (until I run out of my poems), and then I will just post favorite poems of mine by various… Continue reading Poem Of The Week: “Beloved Lamb”


Book Review & Takeaways: Anna Karenina

Finally! I’ve done it. I’ve read Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. I have to admit, I undertook the entire task expecting to love it. And I wasn’t disappointed. So, here is my review and my takeaways from this amazingly written book. **SPOILER ALERT** From the outset, I realized that Tolstoy was not one to let any… Continue reading Book Review & Takeaways: Anna Karenina


Writing Expert Letters

Have you every skimmed through a well-written, heart-felt letter and thought to yourself, "I dearly wish I could write so beautifully myself."? Have you ever felt awkward writing a friendly letter because you didn't know how to "properly" word a phrase, how to "properly" structure the writing, or how to "properly" express yourself? Well, you… Continue reading Writing Expert Letters