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Lies Bloggers Believe: Why YOU Need a Blog

Hey y'all! Have you ever wanted to start your own blog, but you've thought: ~ I'm not a good writer. ~ I have nothing that is worthy of being shared because I have no topics that I know enough about. ~ I can't post weekly. ~ I'm not going to network because I don't think… Continue reading Lies Bloggers Believe: Why YOU Need a Blog


Friday’s Favorite Five: Fantasy Authors

Good evening y'all! Tonight, I'm going to cover my favorite five fantasy authors. Let's dive in!   #5 Brian Jacques, Frances Hodgson Burnett, & Gail Carson Levine So, let's just not mention the 3-in-1, savvy? K... Let's start with Brian Jacques. When I was in my late single-digits and my early teens (9-13), I thoroughly… Continue reading Friday’s Favorite Five: Fantasy Authors


Poem of the Week: “Defining Desires”

Originally, I wrote this poem for a school project while studying Dante's Inferno (which I highly suggest everyone read, in addition to the other two books in Dante's Divine Comedy series, as well). As Dante travels through Hell, he encounters so many people that are now being punished for their earthly sins. Their desires ultimately defined them and… Continue reading Poem of the Week: “Defining Desires”