YOU’RE INVITED: Blog Meet & Greet Blog Party

My dear readers, You are most cordially invited to my first Blog Meet & Greet Blog Party!!!! Here is your official invitation: There are a few things we should keep in mind before we start the party... To begin, I would like to introduce to you a blogger friendĀ of mine who attends the same online… Continue reading YOU’RE INVITED: Blog Meet & Greet Blog Party


Friday’s Favorite Five: Memoir Authors

I kept a personal diary from the time I was 8 until last year, shortly after turning 17. In it, I recorded not only my life and my emotions, but special moments in the lives of my friends and family - a momentous birthday, an important occasion, a prominent promotion, a milestone, etc. I dearly… Continue reading Friday’s Favorite Five: Memoir Authors


Friday’s Favorite Five: Classic Authors

Howdy Friends! Today I'm going to do my best to narrow down my favorite classic authors to just five... I don't mean to be pessimistic... But the chances of me having ONLY five is none... Anyway, I hope you enjoy this (maybe not so) short selection! #5 Arthur Miller Death of a Salesman was… Continue reading Friday’s Favorite Five: Classic Authors