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Learning to Dance in the Rain

Greetings, Dear Friends! I have tried waiting to write a post until my life settled down a little bit, but I have learned that around every corner is a new obstacle, and so, I must do my best to make time to rest and recoup as often as I can. As you may know, I'm… Continue reading Learning to Dance in the Rain

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On the Importance of Having a Student’s Mindset…

Hey guys! Tonight I'm going to talk to you a little about a particular modern stereotype that has my head in a little bit of a tiff and it's this: Most people today don't know how to be students and always be open to learning new things. *** Now of course, as with anything, there… Continue reading On the Importance of Having a Student’s Mindset…

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Give Us This Day Our Daily Struggles

As many of you already know, I am now a college student. I live on campus, and for the most part I live the stereotypical Christian college life. I go to chapel on campus, my professors are believers, a lot of my friends are professing (if not practicing) Christians, we love to study at Starbucks… Continue reading Give Us This Day Our Daily Struggles

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Becoming an “Isaac”

Good day, Dear Readers! I'm not going to bother apologizing for my long break from blogging. In short, over the past couple months, I've been settling into college and wrestling with many emotional and social changes. Needless to say, I have missed y'all, so let's get into today's post! A LITTLE BACKGROUNDI really had no… Continue reading Becoming an “Isaac”

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A Most Paralyzing Fear

Arachnophobia. Acrophobia. Astraphobia. Claustrophobia. Monophobia. Globophobia. Thalassophobia. Photophobia. Okay, now let's talk about YOUR worst fears. One on one. Right here, right now. Maybe your worst fear falls into one of the above. But I doubt it... I am willing to bet your deepest fear is not one of the above, but rather something that… Continue reading A Most Paralyzing Fear