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Living On the Edge Without the Added Stress

Greetings, dear readers! Last week, I asked y'all to give me blog post ideas, and one of you requested organizational ideas! So, here it goes... As a dual enrolling highschool student who juggles 5 classes, manages two part-time jobs, and tutors, counsels, authors, and edits in her spare time¬†while also somehow managing to fail miserably… Continue reading Living On the Edge Without the Added Stress


Writing Expert Letters

Have you every skimmed through a well-written, heart-felt letter and thought to yourself, "I dearly wish I could write so beautifully myself."? Have you ever felt awkward writing a friendly letter because you didn't know how to "properly" word a phrase, how to "properly" structure the writing, or how to "properly" express yourself? Well, you… Continue reading Writing Expert Letters