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I Made It…

Hey peeps! I just wanted to update you from my last post in which many of you thought I was depressed and who's to say I wasn't... Well, the update is: I made it. I made it through my entire first semester of college and didn't die. Being a successful freshie (thank you, thank you… Continue reading I Made It…

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Musings of a Christian Teen

Hey y'all! I found these journal entry meditations I wrote earlier this year, and I would like to share them with y'all tonight because I think many of them are relatable and hopefully y'all will be able to take away something personal and meaningful from them. Saturday, May 13, 2017 You only have a certain… Continue reading Musings of a Christian Teen


Poem of the Week: “Beauty in the Undertow”

This poem is a reminder to find beauty in the ugly, in the difficult, in the disastrous, and in the discouraging moments of life. Always remember to find the promise in the storm, and you will always be in the presence of your Savior. It wasn't the new day. They didn't ask for the night,… Continue reading Poem of the Week: “Beauty in the Undertow”