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My Battle With Writer’s Block

Hello, my dear readers! I apologize for my prolonged absence, but I am back now! First things first, why I was gone. I wish I could say something exciting - like we had a new addition to the family or I went on a tour of Europe or I was super busy with friends or… Continue reading My Battle With Writer’s Block

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NaNoWriMo: Let the Writing Games Begin!

Howdy Y'all! Guess what? It's November! And this doesn't just mean tasty food, fun cookies, and amazing fellowship. It means... ...drum roll please... ...NaNoWriMo is here!!!!! National Novel Writing Month! Here's the link if you want to read up on this writing challenge or enter it: NaNoWriMo This is actually my very first year doing… Continue reading NaNoWriMo: Let the Writing Games Begin!

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Book Review & Takeaways: The City of God

I recently finished reading Augustine's The City of God, and I have to say that I honestly enjoyed it, despite Augustine's sometimes annoying detailed analysis of the seemingly insignificant. I say seemingly because Augustine was not an author to waste his time going on tangents or covering topics that were not of the utmost gravity… Continue reading Book Review & Takeaways: The City of God


Writing Expert Letters

Have you every skimmed through a well-written, heart-felt letter and thought to yourself, "I dearly wish I could write so beautifully myself."? Have you ever felt awkward writing a friendly letter because you didn't know how to "properly" word a phrase, how to "properly" structure the writing, or how to "properly" express yourself? Well, you… Continue reading Writing Expert Letters